Foot Massage London

Thai Reflexology Foot Massage

Foot Massage London

Foot Massage London

Thai Reflexology Foot Massage London,uses a wooden stick to apply pressure to reflexology points on the foot, as well as pressure, friction rubs, sliding and circling massage strokes, stretches, twisting and ankle and toe joint rotations performed with the therapists fingers, thumbs,and knuckles. The treatment which lasts for one hour, begins by soaking the feet in warm water followed by a lime salt scrub to cleanse and exfoliate your feet. The massage routine then using Neal's Yard Body Lotion, Thai Herbal Balm and the aforementioned wooden stick. The routine includes not only the feet but the lower leg muscles and knees.

Similar to the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine that carry the Qi or Chi energy, the Thai massage “energy lines” known as “Sen lines” run thoughout the body with specific points ending at the feet and hands. It is believed that the obstruction of this flow of energy is the root cause of discomfort or illness in a person and the techniques of Thai Relexology Foot Massage are intended to stimulate and open these channels.

Thai Reflexology Foot Massage London provides relaxation,promotes stress relief and stimulates healthy blood circulation. Benefits of receiving a Thai Reflexology Foot Massage include
Thai Reflexology Foot Massage is not recommended if you have a serious heart condition, a high fever, contagious skin disease or sores, a broken foot or leg bones.

Thai-vedic massage's therapist Stephen Nock, trained at the Old Medicine Hospital Thai Massage School (Shivagakomarpaj) in Chiang Mai Thailand, in December 2016.

Please wear loose fitting clothes that can be rolled up over the knee (a towel will be provided to keep you warm during the massage, so if you forget to bring loose clothing, you can instead, just cover yourself with the towel).
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