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Thai yoga massage
Thai Yoga Massage: Often described as ‘yoga for lazy people’, Thai yoga massage combines deep tissue massage and assisted yoga stretches leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. The massage is performed through loose clothing such as you would wear for yoga.
30 mins £30 | 1 hour £50 | 90 mins £75 | 2 hours £100 

Deep Tissue massage
Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage: uses the thumbs, fingers, knuckles, fists, forearms and elbows with varying intensity. This allows the therapist to go much deeper into the body, relieving muscular pains. I use fragrant sesame oil which leaves your body smelling heavenly!
30 mins £35 | 1 hour £60 | 90 mins £85 | 2 hours £110 

Indian Yoga massage
Performed on a futon, this massage uses coconut oil and calamus powder which has exfoliating qualities. As well as hands, the therapists use their feet, leaning on a stool, applying deep strokes to your back and thighs. Yoga stretches leave you relaxed and flexible.
30 minutes £35 | 1 hour £55 | 90 mins £80 | 2 hours £105

Indian Head massage
Seated in a chair, warm coconut oil and Neal's Yard Rosemary and Cedarwood Hair Treatment is applied your hair and massaged into the scalp. Knots in your shoulders are worked out with my thumbs, fists and forearms. We continue with a vigorous head massage, massage of your arms, hands and fingers. N.B. this massage will leave your hair very oily. Read more here
30 mins £35 (£25 if booked with a full price full body massage of at least 60 minutes)

Abhyanga massage
Hot oil Ayurvedic massage: combining flowing massage strokes with pressure to energy points. A range of Abhyanga massages are available: back massage, full body massage, and herbal compress massage.
30 minutes £35 | 1 hour £55 | 90 mins £80 | 2 hours £105  

Neal's Yard treatments
We use luxurious Neal’s Yard Organic products in a range of treatments. Add on a 30 minute facial, foot scrub, hand polish or Indian head massage to your 60 or 90 minute massage and pay only £25 (Normally £35 when booked as a stand alone treatment). Read descriptions of these treatment add-ons on our Special Offers page
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