Pregnancy Massage London

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage London at Thai-vedic massage is performed with the client lying in side position to avoid any pressure on the abdomen. The massage begins with the therapist and client taking three deep breaths together to aid relaxation and prepare for the massage. Hot organic coconut oil is then applied to the back. The therapist then begins the massage routine using fast, rhythmic massage strokes, with their palms, thumbs and forearms along the erector spinae, rhomboids and trapezius muscles of the back and shoulders.

Pregnancy Massage London

After massaging the back its then the turn of your arms to get some attention: beginning with circular massage stokes with the therapists fingers; then wringing motions with both hands; and long squeezing strokes from the wrist to the shoulder and back. Before moving to the legs the therapist massages the hands giving special attention to each finger massaging between the finger joints and stretching out each finger in turn.

The massage continues with similar massage strokes on the first leg: circular strokes with the thumbs and knuckles, swimming strokes figure of eight strokes with the palms, a foot massage and stretches of the toes. After finishing massaging the first side of the body, the therapist asks the client to turn over and the process is repeated on the other side of the body.

The massage ends with a face, head, neck and shoulder massage, with you lying on your back, using our heavenly iMantara massage oils (we alternate between: a blend of Rachawadee - which means the ‘King of Flowers ‘ in the Thai language – Citrus and Bergamot oils; a sensual blend of Thai Jasmine, Sweet Almond and Safflower oils; and a Andaman blend of Cardomam, Myrrh, Rosewood and Sandalwood oils).

The massage routine may vary depending on the therapist you have booked with or can be tailored to your particular needs. You could consider combing you massage with an Indian Head massage, during which you are seated on a chair, with one or more of our other Neals Yard treatments or with a Thai Reflexology Foot massage.

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage London

N.B. Most massage therapists advise that pregnancy massage can only be performed after the first trimester of the pregnancy because of a supposed risk of miscarriage. However the research evidence about the massage as a possible cause of miscarriage is inconclusive: there appears to be no evidence of a link between massage and miscarriage. We are happy to perform pregnancy massages in the first trimester of your pregnancy provided you have consulted with your doctor.

Pregnancy Massage London
Thai- vedic massage’s therapists Clara Gomez and Stephen Nock trained in Ayuvedic Pregnancy massage at Ayurveda Pura and the School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Kerala.
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