Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage London

A Deep Tissue Massage at Thai-vedic Massage begins with the therapist and client taking three deep breaths together to aid relaxation and prepare for the massage. Neal's Yard Ginger & Juniper massage oil is then applied to the back. The therapist then begins the massage routine using slow deep strokes up one side of the back using first their palms, then, knuckles. The intensity increases as the therapist then uses their forearms to apply deep pressure to the erector spinae, deltoid and rhomboid muscles of the back and shoulders. Finally the elbow is used first in  long slow strokes all the way alongside the spine from the lower back to the neck and from the neck to the lower back.
Deep Tissue Massage London


After massaging each side of the back its then the turn of your shoulders and arms to get some attention: beginning with strong massage stokes along the trapezius muscle (that muscle at the top of your shoulders). These days, with many people spending long hours in front of a computer, driving a vehicle or lifting small children, shoulder muscles can develop painful knots. Knots are basically parts of the muscle that has contracted and has got stuck in that contracted position. Deep repetitive massage techniques can help the muscle to relax and reduce the shoulder pain caused by these knots.
To help break down these knots our  therapists use their fingers, then knuckles, forearms and finally their elbows to loosen up the tangled muscle fibres. Next comes some stretches of the shoulder blades and deep massage strokes on the arms, again using first palms, then knuclkes and forearms.‚Äč
The back massage is completed with the application of a hot wet towel to the back and shoulders. Thai massage palming and squeezing techniques of the erector spinae muscles are used through the hot towel, as well as strong pinches of the rhomboid muscles and  rhythmic manipulation of the spine.

Another hot towel is used to cleanse and refresh the feet before more hot oil is applied to the legs. Strong strokes that increase in intensity, with first the palms, then knuckles, forearms and elbows, are used to massage the calf muscles, hamstrings, IT bands and quadricep muscles of both legs. Thai style yogic stretches of the knee and hip joints help to loosen up any stiffness in your joints.

Deep Tissue Facial Massage London
The massage continues with a stomach and chest massage (men only for chest massage: stomach massage can be included for female clients on request), and ends with a face, head, neck and shoulder massage.
Thai- vedic massage’s therapist Stephen Nock trained in Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage at Rasovai in Goa.
N.B. The masssage routine can be tailored to your particular needs - for example if your main problem areas are your back and shoulders I can spend the whole time (in a 60 or 90 minute massage) working only on your back shoulders and arms.
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