Abhyanga Massage London

Abhyanga Massage London

‚ÄčAn Abhyanga massage London at Thai-vedic massage begins with the therapist and client taking three deep breaths together to aid relaxation and prepare for the massage. Hot organic coconut oil is then applied to the back. The therapist then begins the massage routine using fast, rhythmic massage strokes, with his palms, thumbs and forearms along the erector spinae, rhomboids and trapezius muscles of the back and shoulders.

Abhyanga Back Massage

After massaging each side of the back its then the turn of your arms to get some attention: beginning with circular massage stokes with the therapists fingers; then wringing motions with both hands (think of the Chinese burns we used to give each other as children – but this is done with coconut oil so its pleasant not painful!); and long squeezing strokes from the wrist to the shoulder and back. With the arm then raised above the head the therapist continues with sweeping palm strokes from the wrist to the lower back, followed by strong strokes down the erector spinae muscle with the forearm.

Another Abhyanga Massage London

Abhyanga Massage London

After massaging both sides of the back and both arms, exfoliating calamus powder is applied to the back and arms. Sweeping strokes up the back and down the arms, are followed by a vigorous back scrub, then deeply relaxing figure of eight strokes: first from the left side of the lower back, across the spine and around the right shoulder, then the same on the other side of the back and around the left shoulder. More figure of eight strokes are applied over the entire back, then around the shoulders from the right, from above the head and from the left.
The back massage is completed with the application of a hot wet towel to the back and shoulders. Thai massage palming and squeezing techniques of the erector spinae muscles are used through the hot towel, as well as gentle pinches of the Rhomboid muscles, and rhythmic manipulation of the spine.

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Another hot towel is used to cleanse and refresh the feet before more hot oil is applied to the legs. Circular strokes with the therapists knuckles, as well as wringing and squeezing techniques are used on the IT band, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles of both legs. Thai style yogic stretches of the ankle, knee and hip joints help to loosen up any stiffness in your joints.
The massage continues with a stomach and chest massage (men only for chest massage, but stomach massage can be included for female clients on request), and ends with a face, head, neck and shoulder massage using our heavenly iMantara massage oils (we alternate between: a blend of Rachawadee - which means the ‘King of Flowers ‘ in the Thai language – Citrus and Bergamot oils; a sensual blend of Thai Jasmine, Sweet Almond and Safflower oils; and a Andaman blend of Cardomam, Myrrh, Rosewood and Sandalwood oils).
Thai- vedic massage’s Abhyanga therapist Stephen Nock trained in Abhyanga massage at Ayurved Pura and Tri-dosha, but mixes in Thai massage techniques to enhance your massage experience.

N.B. The masssage routine may vary depending on your particular needs - for example if your main problem areas are your back and shoulders I can spend the whole time (in a 60 or 90 minute massage) working only on your back shoulders and arms
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