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Indian Head Massage has been practised in India for over 1000 years, and were developed by and for women in India . Traditionally the techniques were restricted to the head and hair, with the aim of improving the condition of the scalp and stimulating the growth of long, healthy hair.

Narendra Mehta  introduced Indian Head Massage – which he dubbed 'Champissage' - to the West in the 1970s when he came to the UK to study physiotherapy.  While living in England, he realised that nobody was practicing Indian Head Massage.  He decided to teach this ancient art as he missed the pleasure and therapeutic benefits.  He is now internationally recognised as an expert teacher of Indian Head Massage. 

An Indian Head Massage at Thai-vedic massage incorporates pressure to Thai acupressure points on the head and neck. It begins with the application of Neal's Yard Rosemary and Cedarwood Hair Treatment, followed by pressure to the chakra points on the forehead, crown and back of the head.

Neck and shoulders

Using heated organic coconut oil your therapist continues by working on the neck and shoulders with their palms, knuckles and forearms working out those knots, so common among London's office workers. After an application of exfoliating Calamus powder, the techniques are repeated to further loosen up the neck and shoulder muscles. Pressure is then applied to Thai pressure points in the neck and trapezius muscles with the therapists thumbs.

Head and scalp

After ten minutes working on the neck and shoulders the therapist applied more warmed coconut oil to the hair and scalp and then works it into the scalp with vigorous massage techniques. Using the fingers, palms and knuckles, sliding, tapping and chopping techniques are employed to stimulate the entire head and scalp. This helps to alleviate headaches.  It also improves the circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid, increases circulation and promotes healthy hair growth.

Arms and hands

After ten minutes of at first invigorating, then calming and soothing head massage techniques the therapist then applies more heated coconut oil to the arms and hands, ma­ssaging the muscles of the arms and hands, stretching the joints in the fingers, wrists, elbow and shoulders. The massage is completed with the application of a hot towel to the neck and shoulders to further relax the muscles. The whole routine lasts 30 minutes

Benefits of Indian Head Massage:

Thai-vedic massage's therapists have received training in Indian and Thai head massage techniques, from Tri-dosha and the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, and have blended to the two traditions to create this unique blend of Thai and Ayurvedic head massage.


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