Often described as ‘yoga for lazy people’, Thai yoga massage combines compression techniques and yoga stretches leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. Performed through loose clothing. 
30 mins £35 | 1 hr £55 | 90 mins £75 | 2 hrs £95
Balinese Bamboo Massage uses heated bamboo sticks to massage your muscles.. Great for sore muscles breaking down knots or cellulite, this is massage is a wonderful alternative to Deep Tissue massage 
1 hr £55
90 mins £75
Indian or Ayurvedic yoga massage uses coconut oil & exfoliating calamus powder. As well as hands, we use our feet, applying deep strokes to your back and thighs leaving you relaxed and flexible. 
30 mins £35 | 1 hr £55 | 90 mins £75 | 2 hrs £95
Hot Stone Massage uses volcanic stones, heated to over 50 degrees C to massage your muscles, and warm your entire body. The ultimate in deep relaxation, this massage feels fabulous in winter (or at any time of year!)
1 hr £55
90 mins  £75

Thai Reflexology Foot Massage, uses a wooden stick on 27 pressure points on the sole of each foot, relaxing massage and stretches using Neal's Yard Lotion, Thai Herbal Balm and an exfoliating lime-salt scrub.
1 hr £40
Hot oil Ayurvedic massage: combining flowing strokes with pressure to energy points: our most relaxing massage! Choose from: back or full body massage; or Hot Compress massage.
30 mins £35 | 1 hr £55 | 90 mins £75 | 2 hrs £95
Ayurvedic massage for pregnant women using warm coconut oil to massage the back, arms and legs. Spoil yourself and add a Neal's Yard facial, head massage or foot scrub (or all 3!)
30 mins £35 | 1 hr £55 | 90 mins £75

What to expect from your visit to Thai-vedic massage:

We use luxurious Neal’s Yard Organic products, including cleansers, moisturisers, face scrub, masks & foot scrubs.
HOT TOWELS: used on your back & feet during Abhyanga or Deep Tissue massage & on your face during facials.
FRUIT INFUSED WATER: provided to all clients, such as orange and lemon or raspberries and lime.
REAL MUSIC: As well as a Treatment Menu we now also have a Music Menu. Choose from Jazz, Soul, Blues, Folk, Latin, Indian, African, Arabic, Indie, Instrumental, Chill Out, New Age, or Classical music playlists...all available on Spotify (click the links above) for you to enjoy at home!
WARM ROOMS: Ever been for a massage and shivered all way through? We keep the rooms heated to at least 24 degrees for your comfort.

* Except weekends when we close at 6pm.
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